A new beginning

I am so excited to have this new passion of mine up and ready to share with others. I started on this road in June, I had just done a take a break from drinking program and decided I wanted to start new hobbies to focus my energy and attention on instead of just having a few beers and checking out watching TV. I had done a few classes on soap making and lotion making and really enjoyed working with essential oils. I had got a book awhile ago about essential oils and with a upcoming hiking trip I wanted to make my own bug spray and some relaxing bath salts for my evenings back at the hotel. So I made myself and kids our bug spray for the summer and fell in love with my bath salts. So much so I started giving bath salts as gifts as well as making roller balls. However anyone who has worked with essential oils will know it is a very expensive hobby. In the meantime I also took Reiki healing classes and became a level 2 Reiki healer. I love how well essential oils and Reiki pair together. So I decided to open up a business where I could share both my new hobbies and passions. My inventory and products will change with other special items but most consistent will be bath salts. I will also offer Reiki always. Being able to take a nice warm bath with some relaxing bath salts after a Reiki session is the most amazing experience. Like I said they pair amazingly.

I plan to blog about new beginning, a life focused on healing myself and while doing so share my healing gift with everyone willing to accept. Have a a beautiful evening and check back often for new blog posts and product.


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