Reiki Healing

I just wanted to talk about Reiki. Reiki is an amazing healing energy. It was developed by Dr Mikao Usui he was Japanese. Reiki is translated as Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life force energy. So a universal life force energy. To get scientifical, physics show us everything is made up of energy. It is universal and everywhere even inanimate objects like crystals have energy. So Reiki healers such as myself have studied what Dr Usui discovered and have been attuned to tap into the special Reiki energy, to help others. We do this by focusing our direction of Reiki energy into the 7 main energy centers of the body, often referred to Chakras. Reiki healers are only a vessel to tap into the universal energy and send to our clients. We do not possess any special talents or powers. We learned and practice Reiki on a daily basis and continue to build upon our knowledge. Anyone can learn and practice Reiki, even you!! Also because Reiki is a universal energy source a client does not need to be present in the physical sense to receive Reiki. Reiki can be sent across time and across the whole world I personally have sent distance Reiki to many clients and they still benefit from the energy I send. Reiki is always beneficial and always benefits a person for the greatest good. You may not even know what your Reiki needs are, but Reiki does and it will work for you and the greatest good.

If you've been hesitant to about scheduling a Reiki session I highly encourage you to try a distance Reiki session for your first appointment. Just send a email and I will help you with the rest. Also keep in mind some people are under the misconcept that Reiki is like a massage and you would have to get undressed that is not true you stay fully clothed while I preform my healing ritual.

Have also included a photo of my certificate it was a very proud day for me.

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